Buy Adipex Online Reviews CMA is a manufacturer of threading machines with parallel arms. In addition to the simple way of cutting wires, the machines offer greater possibilities of application and, above all, flexibility.

here Threading by hand usually takes a lot of time. With a CMA tapping machine, it shortens the cycle time of a thread to approximately 3-5 seconds and achieves a much higher precision (threaded guaranteed at right angles). You save a lot of time through shorter change times and the possibility of simultaneously drilling and striking in two work places (striking while the drill drills automatically). Another advantage is that the tap can be placed easily and quickly over the hole (flexible adjustment) and not the work piece must be placed under the tap (rigid configuration, which can cause positioning errors and, therefore, the breakage of the tap).

go When using a threading machine in combination with a machining center, you save:
– cycle time
– Time configuration of the tools.
– Programming time.

Buy Diazepam Reddit Hydraulic tapping machines are available in a mobile version so that they can be used in any workplace, even for large / heavy and difficult to move work pieces (working range R = 1800 mm!).

Buy Diazepam Cheap Uk speed
Hydraulic models are designed with an infinitely variable speed. Therefore, this can be adjusted optimally depending on the size of the tap and the material to be machined. The working and return speeds are adjustable independently (return in fast travel).

Los grifos se montan en la máquina mediante un sistema de cambio rápido (tanto los grifos en el accesorio de tapping como el accesorio de tapping en la máquina). El uso de grifos con embrague deslizante garantiza una rotura del grifo está garantizada.

El corte del hilo es generalmente el último mecanizado realizado en una pieza de trabajo. Los errores de tapping (inexactitud, rotura, etc.) aumentan el costo porque todas las ediciones anteriores deben volver a ejecutarse.

Al utilizar una máquina de tapping CMA, te das cuenta de que:
– Flexibilidad
– tiempos de ciclo cortos
– Mejora del método de procesamiento.

En resumen: ¡menores costos por hilo!




the thread always at right angles
Without breakage of drill thread


Work space
Radio 1800 mm,
for large pieces


2 x M6, 4 x M10 and
2 x M20 in one minute,
Includes clamping and tool change.

Lower cost per thread,
10% more cutting capacity.