CMA CNC FTC Automatic tapping centre

The CMA CNC FTC automatic tapping centres are characterized by a 3-axis (X, Y, Z) moving head. They are designed for drilling, tapping and countersinking sheet metal from laser cutting. The innovate floating head system is designed and manufactured by CMA. It is capable of absorbing deviations in workpiece positioning of up to 1mm, thus avoiding core breakage.

Each and every operation is perfectly programmable via a PC controller with CMA's own CNC software (TapCam) with the possibility of importing 2D/3D files and automatically converting them into the machine's ISO codes.

The table is designed with Ø28 holes to offer significant advantages. They provide solid anchor points to securely attach mooring systems. The holes are also used as reference points to establish the zero point. By using the same reference and anchor points, the time required to change from one workpiece to another is greatly reduced. This increases machine efficiency and reduces downtime.

The spindle is guided along the table on hardened precision linear guides mounted on the body of the machines. The X-axis is driven by a helical rack and pinion and the Y and Z axes by a self-lubricating ball screw.

Special features of the Automatic Tapping Centre CMA CNC FTC

  • Free programming in DIN / ISO (G-commands), e.g. for milling operations, tap milling, countersinking, use of special tools such as deburring tools.
  • Easy graphical programming with TapCam software, including GoTo function in manual mode.
  • 2-axis interpolation (X and Y), 3-axis interpolation (X, Y and Z) for rigid tapping.
  • Rapid traverse X-axis = 30m/min, Y-axis = 25m/min.

Options and works of the CMA CNC FTC Automatic tapping centre

  • Table length (X): 2100mm or 3600mm.
  • Table width (Y): 1700mm.
Esquema de dimensión de las piezas trabajadas

Pendulum holder radial +/- 1mm

Quick change insert: MK1, D=40XM1 / MK2, D=40XM2 / MK3, D=40XM3

ER25 clamp holder, DIN 6499

Set of clamps ER25, set of 15 pieces Ø2-16

Clamping key ER25 Ø2-16

Drill chuck B16 DIN 238 / Keyless chuck B16 Ø3-16mm

Tap holder without sliding clutch size 1

M3 DIN371 (3'5x2'7)

M4 DIN371 (4'5x3'4)

M5+M6 DIN371 (6x4'9)

M8 DIN371 (8x6'2)

M10 DIN371 (10x8)

M12 DIN376 (9x7)

M14 DIN376 (11x9)

Tap holder with sliding clutch size 1 M16 DIN 376 (12x9)

From M3 to M20

Up to 14mm diameter

Smoothed conical recess in sheet metal parts. Allows the head of rivets and screws to be housed without protruding from the workpiece or facilitating the entry of taps.

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