CMA Machine Tools is a family business founded in Alzira (Valencia) in 1989 specializing in the design and manufacture of CNC machinery for metal drilling, tapping and millingIn our warehouses in Alzira we produce two types of machinery: machining centers and industrial tapping machines.

We have extensive experience in the construction and machinery development sector, consolidating ourselves as the reference firm in solutions for the transformation of metal parts, among others, which develops technologically advanced systems and products with personalized adaptations for each client, taking care at all times to people and their safety.

The company pursues the development of new research projects with the global objective of ensuring constant evolution and improvement that allows it to contribute to innovating our products, processes and services, so that the knowledge and results obtained represent a great contribution to the sector of the parts transformation industry in general and an important advance for the company.


Our factory located in the El Pla Business Park in Alzira (Valencia) is made up of 3 warehouses and a total of 10,000 m2. Within the 3 warehouses are our offices, a parts warehouse, a paint shop, a welding shop, an assembly room and a machining department. 

Each of our warehouses has a function in the production process since we divide it between assembly, part manufacturing and welding, which allows us to separate each and every one of the processes for a better organization.

In addition, CMA Machine Tools has an expansion plan whose objective is to increase its production capacity and meet existing demand. In anticipation of continued growth like that of recent years, our company has purchased the land surrounding the current factory to ensure that, if the creation and expansion of the factory were viable, it could be possible. CMA believes that investing in the company is key to gaining competitiveness and continuing to grow. 

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We are a company with a large international presence and with the constant search for solutions for metallurgical companies. Our extensive experience has led us to develop unique models on the market.