Electric Tapping Machines

The CMA electric tapping machines have a 230V electronic brushless single- phase motor  together with a pantographic arm of CMA's own design. This is all mounted on a tabletop arm mounting bracket. Through the control panel you can configure the different existing configurations.

It has a tapping depth programmer, so when it reaches the programmed depth, the motor stops automatically and turns counterclockwise. In addition, to control the speed we added a CMA design gearbox with continuously variable speed.

Available in 2 models of Electric Tapping Machines

MODEL 1270 / 1800

  • Wear-free arm with ball bearings, radius 1270mm or 1800mm.
  • 230V / 1Ph connection.
  • Variable speed
  • Depth control and programmable cycles
    • Manual: left/right direction of rotation using the push buttons..
    • Automatic: At the set depth, the direction of rotation is automatically reversed
    • Memory for 5 depth programs/operations, including piece counting..
  • Lubrication system integrated in the head (only in double arm).
  • Quick change support for Bilz heads.
  • M-Models are designed with a multi-position head.

Demonstration videos of Electric Tapping Machine model

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