Pneumatic Tapping Machines

The CMA pneumatic tapping machines have a solid pantographic arm of the CMA design. At CMA Machine Tools we manufacture two different models of pneumatic tapping machines: LC model and RN model.

The LC model has an economical air drive, while the RN model is a premium INGERSOLL air drive. In addition, both models have a core change system and an air preparation unit consisting of a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, filter and drive lubrication.

Available in 2 models of Pneumatic Tapping Machines


  • Filter group: regulator, pressure gauge and lubricator.
  • LC Air Motor (Made in Taiwan).
  • CMA pantographic arm.
  • Fixed clamping base.
  • Quick change head for BILZ system tap holders.

Demonstration videos of our Pneumatic Tapping Machine model

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