Machining centers - BRD Model

The BRD model CNC machining center is designed for drilling, tapping and milling profiles and beams with a 3-axis moving head. The sizes of this model vary between 12m or 16m in length and 610mm or 1050mm in height.

Operations are programmable via a PC controller with CMA software. In addition, the spindle gantry is guided along the table on linear guides, hardened and precisely mounted on the machine body.

This model has a laser for rapid detection of the 0 point of the part and a hydraulic clamp that allows movement in the X axis while the part is clamped, also making milling, interpolation drilling and marking operations possible.

  All this with a competitive price to be able to help all our clients to improve their production thanks to our BRD machining center.

Special features of the Model BRD

  • Simple graphical programming, including GoTo function in manual mode.
  • Free programming in DIN / ISO (G commands), e.g. Eg For milling operations, thread milling, use of special tools such as deburring tools.
  • 2-axis interpolation (X and Y), 3-axis interpolation (X, Y and Z) for helical milling.
  • Rapid feed X axis = 30 m / min., Y axis = 30 m / min.

Machining Options CMA BRD CNC Machining Center

  • Length (X) up to: 3000/4500/6000/7500/9000/10500
    (it is possible to reposition products longer than the
    length of the  machine) 
  • Hole pattern width (Y) up to: 600 mm  ( product  width  up to 1100 mm) .
  • Height up to 400mm
Esquema de dimensión de las piezas trabajadas

Drill pattern up to 600mm diameter,   flange up to 1100mm diameter

Up to a diameter of 25/28/32/38/42 mm in the solid (  depending on the type of machine  )

Up to a diameter of 25/28/32/38/42 mm in the solid (  depending on the type of machine  )

Diameter 3-50 mm, feeds up to 900 mm / min (  depending on the type of machine and tool  )

Larger hole diameters in solid material, programmable diameters.

Spindle fits cycle G76

100% exact diameter thanks to automatic correction of height tolerances (option)

Up to M30 (  depending on the  type of machine and the type of tool / coating  )

Up to 32mm diameter, perfectly round holes with thin wall tool technology

Round and oblong holes Also free contours in ISO

Regarding chamfer milling / weld preparation, a chamfer height of up to 14 mm in one pass and a feed rate of up to 3000 mm/min ( depending on tool type  ) are possible.

Face mill diameter 50 mm, depth of cut 3 mm, feed rate up to 1200 mm / min

Possibility of different contours through free programming in DIN / ISO

20mm diameter, 7mm deep

Up to a diameter of 25/28/32/38/42 mm in the solid (  depending on the type of machine  )

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