CNC machining centers - 3RD Model

The 3RD model CNC machining center is the most flexible vertical machining center on the market. It varies in size from 3 m to 10.5 m long. But, although we have our standard measurements, we offer the possibility of designing and manufacturing customized machines depending on what our clients need.

The drilling, tapping and milling operations are carried out by means of a head with an asynchronous SERVO motor with a power of 13.1 kW, having 5 different speed ranges (2000-6000 rpm) to choose from. The drive of the motor is transmitted through the pulleys and the toothed belt and, depending on the ratio applied in the pulley-belt ratio, we obtain a specific torque and the maximum speed of the head rotation.


Características especiales del Modelo 3RD

  • Simple graphical programming including GoTo function in manual mode
  • Free programming in DIN / ISO (G commands), e.g. For milling operations, thread milling, use of special tools such as deburring tools
  • 2-axis interpolation (X and Y), 3-axis interpolation (X, Y and Z) for helical milling.
  • Rapid feed X axis = 30 m / min., Y axis = 30 m / min.

Demonstration videos and Technical Specifications

Watch Video 3RD Model

Watch Video 3RD Model

Machining Options CMA 3RD CNC Machining Center

  • Length (X) up to: 3000/4500/6000/7500/9000/10500
    (it is possible to reposition products longer than the
    length of the  machine) 
  • Hole pattern width (Y) up to: 600 mm  ( product  width  up to 1100 mm) .
  • Height up to 400mm
Esquema de dimensión de las piezas trabajadas

Drill pattern up to 600mm diameter,   flange up to 1100mm diameter

Up to a diameter of 25/28/32/38/42 mm in the solid (  depending on the type of machine  )

Up to a diameter of 25/28/32/38/42 mm in the solid (  depending on the type of machine  )

Diameter 3-50 mm, feeds up to 900 mm / min (  depending on the type of machine and tool  )

Larger hole diameters in solid material, programmable diameters.

Spindle fits cycle G76

100% exact diameter thanks to automatic correction of height tolerances (option)

Up to M30 (  depending on the  type of machine and the type of tool / coating  )

Up to 32mm diameter, perfectly round holes with thin wall tool technology

Round and oblong holes Also free contours in ISO

Regarding chamfer milling / weld preparation, a chamfer height of up to 14 mm in one pass and a feed rate of up to 3000 mm/min ( depending on tool type  ) are possible.

Face mill diameter 50 mm, depth of cut 3 mm, feed rate up to 1200 mm / min

Possibility of different contours through free programming in DIN / ISO

20mm diameter, 7mm deep

Up to a diameter of 25/28/32/38/42 mm in the solid (  depending on the type of machine  )

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