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Buy Xanax Pills The CMA GRD-CNC Drilling Center is the third generation of successful predecessor models that are used every day around the world. The machine is working with the latest generation of control of industrial PC, servo drives and servomotors of OMRON (Japan).

Special features of the GRD-CNC portal drilling center:

– Simple graphical programming, including the GoTo function in manual mode
Free programming in DIN / ISO (G commands), p. ex. for milling, thread milling, use of special tools, such as deburring tools
– 2-axis interpolation for X / Y axis, 3-axis interpolation for helical milling (X / Y / Z axis)
Fast forward of the X and Y axes = 30 m / min.

Portal drilling center options.

– 13.1 kW spindle motor for more torque.
– Internal cooling through the spindle.
– Spraying system for minimum lubrication or paste (flow perforation)
– Automatic probe system to correct the height of the piece.
– Renishaw system for automatic zero point search.
– External software NJWin13 for PC programming.
– CAD / CAM software to convert 2D / 3D drawings.
– Axis, axis of rotation for the machining of pipes.
– Pneumatic clamping system, single or multiple clamping system.

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GRD technical data 30– 45– 60– 75– 90– 105–

follow 6 versions from Ø25 max to Ø60 max.

Drilling capacity

6 versions from max. M18 up to max. M45

Turning motor

8,9 kW, opcional 13,1 kW y transmisión ZF

Velo Spindle speed rpm

6 versions from max 2000 to max 5000

Maximum torque Nm

6 versions from maximum 68 to maximum 500

spindle cone

BT 40, optional BT 50

Spindle / table distance mm


Work table length mm 3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 10500

Wide subjection table mm

1200/1700/2400/3000 or according to customer’s requirements

T-slots (number / size / distance)

6-8-11-13 / 20/250

Travel axis x mm 3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 10500

Travel axis Y mm

1200/1700/2400/3000 or according to customer’s requirements

Movement of the axis Z mm


Y axis speed

30 m / min

Z axis speed

4,8 m / min

  * Depending on the cutting speed, feed rate and type of tool


Possibilities of machining CMA drilling center GRD CNC


Dimensions of the product Length (X) to: 3000/4500/6000/7500/9000/10500
(Products longer than the length of the machine are possible by means of resampling)
Width (Y) up to: 1200 – 3000 mm (depends on the type of machine), height up to 400 mm
Drill flanges Up to diameter 1200 – 3000mm.
(Depends on the type of machine)
Drilling with standard
HSS tools
diameter 25/28/32/38/42/60 in its entirety
(Depends on the type of machine)
Drilling with HSS-Co
Cutting hole
Up to diameter 25/28/32/38/42/60
in the whole (depends on the type of machine)
Drilling with solid carbide Diameter 3-60mm,
It is fed up to 900mm / min
(Depending on the type of machine and tool)
Helical milling Larger hole diameter
in solid material,
Programmable diameter
spindles Fits spindles with G76 cycle
lower Diameter 100% accurate
due to automatic correction
Height tolerances (option)
thread Up to M45 (type of machine and
Type of tool / dependent coating)
Drilling pipes Up to 32mm diameter.
Clean holes around
with thin wall tools technology
Milling pipes Round and long holes.
In ISO also free contours.
chamfer milling Chamfer milling preparation / welding
Bevel height of up to 14 mm in one pass and feed up to 3000 mm / min (depends on the type of tool)
grinding Face mill diameter 50mm,
Depth of cut 3mm
Feed up to 1200mm / min
contour Different possible contours
by free programming
in DIN / ISO
roughing Diameter 20mm, depth 7mm.
Examples of rectangular tube 60x30x3mm.
G1 / 2 «standard and M8 flat
Ø19 in 6 mm thickness of the material