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http://ingravita.cat/?aeg2th=Buy-Xanax-Legal-Safe-Online&a94=7d Minimum / maximum dimensions of the profile mm

Order Phentermine 37.5 50×50 – 610×610

Cap Drilling capacity *

5 versions from max Ø25 to max Ø42

Drilling capacity *

5 versions from max. M20 up to max. M30

main engine

13.1 kW

Spindle cone

BT 40 o CAT 40

Spindle speed U / min.

5 versions from max 2000 to max 5000

Max. Torque Nm

5 versions from maximum 100 to maximum 250

Work table length mm



Travel axis x mm



X / Y travel for milling operations mm.


Travel axis Y mm


Movement of the axis Z mm


X axis speed m / min


Y axis speed m / min


Z axis speed m / min


* Depending on the cutting speed, feed rate and type of tool

product dimensions Length (X) to: 12000 / 16000mm Width (Y) to 610mm Height (Z) to 610mm
Drilling with standard HSS tools Up to diameter 25/28/32/38 / 42 mm in its entirety (depends on the type of machine)
Drilling with HSS-Co insert drill Up to diameter 25/28/32/38 / 42mm
in the whole (depends on the type of machine)

Drilling with solid carbide
Diameter 3-40mm, feeds up to 900mm / min
(Depending on the type of machine and tool)
helical milling Diameter of the largest hole in solid material, programmable diameter
spindles Fits spindles with G76 cycle
lower Diameter 100% accurate due to the automatic correction of height tolerances (option)
Up to M30 (type of machine and type of tool / dependent cladding)
Drilling pipes Up to 32mm diameter. Clean holes around with Thin Wall tooling technology
Grinding tubes Round and long holes.
Contour Different possible contours through free programming in DIN / ISO.
Flowdrill Examples rectangular tube 60x30x3mm G1 / 2 «standard and flat M8

Capacity up to Ø19 in material thickness of 6 mm.
Mark / Engraving Travel speed up to 20 m / min (depending on the type of tool and the size of the character)